Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technical Snagggggggggg.....

Am really sorry to all the people who have been following the blog and have send me mails and sms for finding reasons why am I not writing, actually there was a technical problem. However it appears to have been fixed.
I have just one promise to make as much you all enjoy reading my blog, I enjoy writing it and i will continue....
My sincere apologies once again for this unintentional disappearing act.
A big Thank You for your attention and love. Humble request please keep reading.....
Jitendra Mali


  1. Welcome Back... We are waitig to hear from you.... !

  2. Hi,
    I have a query regarding the using the over size tire in the CAR. I have a Fiat Palio MJT. currenct size of the tyre is 165/80/R13 and now I want to use 185/60/R14.
    I want to know if it is at all possible, impact of it on the performance, riding quality and fuel consumption.


  3. hi i have a query. i have a hyundai i1o. recently a 2 wheeler banged the right side of my rear bumper . it is pretty noticable. is there any way to fix it without replacing the bumper?
    regards arjun

  4. I wanted to tell you about the number of cAR LOGO thefts that are taking place offlate. We just got a new VW vento and in 2 days the front logo was stolen from our parking. Last year the logo from our new cherolet was stolen. Can you think of a way by which the logo is connected somehow to the central locking and so it sets off an alarm when tampered with? its so sad that nowadays we see most brand new cars without logos. its some sort of sadistic pleasure with the creeps doing the job.

  5. hi i have a query. i have a Maruti 1000. of which front left caliper gets jammed frequently I got the caliper serviced but doesn't help can you help me in this