Thursday, August 6, 2009

The beginning....

This whole idea of blog originated may be 12 years ago...when my dad meet with a road accident, he along with his two wheeler was pushed of the road by a speeding car and he got a forehead injury as well a broken arm. There after the irony was no one wanted to help him as he lay there in pain for half an hour and been an ex-services man with the same injury he drove back home.
Those days cell phone were luxury.

I rushed my dad to the hospital and had him treated for his injuries. The incident haunts me even today and ever since I always kept wondering what was my dad's fault, why did he have to suffer? I always wondered why not a soul came forward to help him, what was the hesitation? I was wondering did that someone who was speeding for fun or reasons best known to the person was even aware of the damage created by him?

This kind of incident today probably is one of the most common incident next door type.

In 2005 I first came on air with a thought of social moral responsibility by way of my driving and maintenance tips, some thought it was a publicity stunt, some that it was glamorous, but the goodness was those who actually needed some answers, help and clarity got them.

The intention was if I could help even a few to understand the importance of maintaining their vehicle for safe driving, longer life of the vehicle, lesser pollution and reduce maintainence cost it will be job well done. Fortunately, i kept getting good response and many people started to benefit.

My Blog is a step ahead to get closer and more accessible to the people and have an interaction which will be more meaningful and useful.

Looking at the growing road accidents and that to fatal, i genuinely thank Radio One to run a small campaign where we wanted to analyse what factor and whom do people hold more responsible for road accidents, the option were "Mechanical failure" or "Human error" . Not so surprise overwhelming response came "Human error" as the prime cause of accidents.

They say "to err is human" but when a human error causes damage, permanent disability or even fatal. What is the bandwidth of human error?

My personal thought is can this element of human error be minimized? What are those factor's which actually trigger human error?

One good thing about our land is we are all well connected to the top and all of us know the big boss on the top and so avoiding long punishments or for that matter getting out of situations is easier.

I have question, how many of us are well connected with God and how many of them can reverse the loss of a loved one, or permanent disablement, because the so called human error.

Its one beautiful life and how do you think when it is ends so abruptly... alive some seconds before and LATE because of the human error.

I can't undo the human error, but definitely with your help try and minimize? At the same time I can share my knowledge with all the maintenance tips, driving tips along with safety (both active and passive) understanding and drive a point of hygiene in our driving and road safety habits.

happy and safe driving
Jitendra Mali
6th August'09


  1. What are the effects of increasing the tyre size/ width. Does it drastically affect fuel consumption?

  2. What is the advantage of 5th gear? Does it help in fuel efficiency ?

  3. Hi,

    I currently drive RITZ VDI. I am going to USA for one month. What precaution should I take before going. In 1 month car will be standstill in parking lot.

  4. Hi Mr Mali,

    Have a question on engine waxing.
    We have purchased a Swift ZXI 15 days ago. The dealer was offering engine waxing. However, we do not know whether a new engine needs it and what are the pros and cons of engine waxing. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Mr.Jitendra,
    A big thank you for your initiatives for making Pune a better place. Your tips on the radio mean a lot, and your new blog I Owe You Pune, is a good move.
    Thanks You,

  6. Hi Jitendra,
    I have a Ford Figo Petrol model, I want to fix a CNG kit or LPG kit in it.
    Does it will be successful in that?
    CNG or LPG kit of which company will be good for Ford Figo?