Thursday, August 6, 2009

Common and Uncommon episode 1

Common sense: definition: the sensibility displayed by the common or the most uncommonly prevailing sense among the common human.

I always wonder where do we get (inherit) our common sense from, family and friends, I suppose... But the most important thing about the common sense is, it is like taste buds of different family members of the same house..... its different!!! Everyone moulds it to their liking and benefits. "Its like our house of commons's" the sense swings in the direction of favorable wind.

For example:

Most common sense thing is: putting on seat belt while driving, both by driver and co-driver.

Most common scenario we see : Negligible percentage of the driving population wearing seat belt.

Most common answers we get: Does it really help??? ...... It is so suffocating!!!!..... It spoils the dress!!!... Its just a short distance i am travelling..... Oh, i put that only when i am on the highway.... I thought seat belts are to be put on only when I drive at high speed?... I am just not used to it.... Oh! it get tighter over the belly...

The point to drive is for one simple thing like wearing a seat belt which is a very meaningful habit, we have 100 reasons for not wearing it.

Now, you may realize how a basic safety hygiene becomes a big task for many of us.

Advantage of wearing a seat belt is so simple, "it is an active safety device and feature in your car which in case of a frontal or a rear impact holds you tight in your seat and does not allow you to crash with the dashboard or steering wheel. Hence prevent serious or fatal injury."

Have you not heard that people have walked out safe even after huge impacts only because they wear seat belts.

But this small good habit when not followed has also proved fatal on a small drive. Try ask someone who has lost a loved one.

The sensibility of the commonsense prevails when we inculcate a simple habit because it has a logical conclusion to save your life.... and I think it is worth it.


  1. Nice one there.. Just to add some more..
    Like it came in the papers, Volvo commomerating the invention of Seat belts, It is also "the" most important safety device, as other devices like airbags aren't activated till you have your seatbelt on.

    Hope your blog helps create more awareness..

  2. Love this blog...its great to see someone trying to make a difference on the traffic scenario in Pune!
    Seatbelts I have observed, apart from saving lives, also save you from getting caught by cops :) My husband and I vouch for this...we make it a point to wear our belts as soon as we get into the car even before starting the car - it is something we do quite religiously...its almost a year since we started driving and till today, touch wood, no cop has even asked us to stop...